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Linda Yao

Markham, Ontario

 Financial Advisor World Financial Group
416 418 5264

Linda has benefited financially when she worked with a financial advisor 20 years ago.  She knows it's important to keep focusing on savings and make money work while working for money.


She knows if it wasn't for her financial advisor who helped her set up a forced savings plan, she would have very little money saved outside of her RRSP.  With just RRSP and TFSA savings, it would be difficult to enjoy retirement.


Today she is enjoying the fruit of the established forced saving with minimization of taxation.  Her money is now working for her with very little tax above RRSP.


As a CPA, she wants to share this knowledge with others.  Help everyone to plan for retirement and retire with a plan.


Join her crusade to help people save in younger age and really enjoy the fruit of labour at retirement.

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