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Mack Chen


Mack is currently a software developer and a Chartered Investment Manager living in Canada with more than 20 years of working experience in financial industry. He holds a degree in Computer Engineering from HuaZhong University of Science and Technology in China.

Based on his study and research, Mack found a simple way to enhance investment return for people who don’t have investment experience and knowledge; with no time to follow stock prices; with a small amount of money to invest. Everyone can boost investment returns by following three simple mechanical steps.

Before starting FundPage, Mack worked for RBC Capital Markets as an IT Projects Development Manager where he was promoted twice and earned a Silver Performance Star Award. Unfortunately, despite the glorious results he has delivered to the company in the past 5 years, he was let go as part of the organization restructuring.

Two weeks after his laid-off, Mack received an offer to join the Ontario Teachers’ Pension Plan. To proactively prepare for better future financial security while he still has full time employment, Mack sought retirement planning advice from various financial institutions with his severance package to no avail, as the package was not a significant amount that caught the banks' interest.

From this investment experience, Mack realized that there were likely others who would be in similar situations as him. To help himself and others, he developed a software and loaded mutual funds data for the program to analyze. He made investment decisions based on the program’s analysis which provided him with handsome returns. That was the first version of FundPage.

Unforeseen circumstances and changing market environments can certainly put one's financial goals and retirement plans at risk. With this in mind, Mack assembled a team of like-minded individuals to enhance FundPage so everyone can benefit from it.

Retirement is more than 20 years of unemployment. Studies show that people who seek outside advice and do financial planning earn 250 percent higher rate of return than those who act alone. Mack encourges you to join the FundPage community to help yourself and others achieve financial success.

You can reach Mack at He is open to all suggestions and new ideas.