Learn How Money Works

By Playing Game - Learn How Money works, so you 


1. won’t have to deal with the stock markets’ ups and downs.


2. needn’t worry about your investment.


It is not magic; it is science.




Rule of the game


1. We gave you $10,000 to invest in the stock market on January 1st, 2006.


2. You have saved $10 each day and put the $10 in the stock market as well


3. You decide to pick any stock available on FundPage (Note that not all the stocks are available in the year 2006). You have to pick a minimum of five stocks.


4. You decide to choose to rebalance your portfolio automatically.


Play it with your family members and friends. The winner will be the one who achieves the best investment return among all the participants when you get together next time. We will give the winner a $10 gift card for your next party with your family members and friends who played the game.

How to Play the Game?


Watch Video or follow the steps below.


1. Login to FundPage (


2. Hover (Mouseover) on the Financial Clinic tab on top and select Portfolio from the drop-down menu.


3. The system will bring you to the new page to create your portfolio.


4. Please give your portfolio a name; select the start date as 2006-01-01.


5. Pick your rebalance band and add $10 a day. 


6. Pick your stock by providing a stock ticker or company name and add them to your portfolio (Please make sure the total value is not more than $10,000).



7. Click Get Security Detail


 8. Select how many shares you want to add to your portfolio (Please make sure the total portfolio value is not more than $10,000).

 9. Click Add to Portfolio

 10. Repeat the steps until you are satisfied with your selection.

 11. Save your portfolio when you finished selecting your stocks.

 12. Mouseover on Financial Clinic and select My Portfolio to bring you to a new page with all the portfolios you have created.

    Click on Check Today’s Value

13. Click Rebalance this portfolio. You will get an email to tell you your portfolio rebalance is finished. Go back to your portfolio detail page and refresh, you will see your investment return as of today.

 Rebalance Transaction Details



You can select stocks by clicking on Security Search under Financial Clinic.



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